2 Eylül 2011 Cuma

mischa barton...is fat again?/mischa barton...tekrarmı şişko?

Mischa recently insisted she’s proud of her body.
“I’m proud of my body,” she said in December. “It’s either you’re too fat or you’re too skinny — you can’t win, so who cares?
“I eat healthy and sometimes I pig out, but I exercise regularly. I’m into Pilates and I’m always out with my dogs, so I just burn it all off. I’ll hike around the canyons, then really step up my cardio. I’ll run for hours.
“I haven’t changed much about my life since I became famous.
“I still take the subway and do my own laundry. I’m not a b***h. I clean my own c**p and I enjoy having a normal life.”

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